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Buying a Farrelly Surfboard

Farrelly Surfboards #1 - Avalon Beach 1958 - Midget's mum made the boardies

We do not run a regular retail shop set up for our surfboards.

We make what we like, and if you like it too, it can be yours.

Once you see the board you want, make contact and express your interest by email or phone (don't be surprised when Surfblanks Australia answers your call).

The boards designed by Midget border on collectables, yet they offer classic performance.

We are not personal surf advisers, so you have to know your own mind and have determined what you want. See below for model descriptions that may help.

Longboard designs.

General rule for selecting volume to suit the rider's weight.

With longoards it is possible to match kilograms with litres. So if you are an 85 kg surfer more than likely you will enjoy an 85 lt longboard. The volume of every Farrelly surfboard is determined by the S3d drawing that precedes the cnc machine cutting process. All guess work is eliminated. The volume measurement is especially beneficial for aged and heavier surfers (Midget is one of them) who need paddle comfort. When it comes to longboards, bigger was always better! Walking, nose riding, top turns, drop knees all work better on a bigger (longer) board.

M01 Balanced wide point and thick point centalised design. Slightly higher rocker, softer rails, shallow tail vee reversing through to nose concave. Good, easy surfing, general purpose board. Rides dribble to overhead, maybe even larger with a good surfer. Really a comfortable board in smooth water or bump. A safe design around hollow and unforgiving waves. Midget rode this design for six years, still a goody.

M08 design. Straighter nose with medium tail lift, soft rails, shallow concave and vee. Lots of glide, must be walked, has that old school down the line feel without the drag. Good for dribble and weaker point style waves up to head high, maybe larger.

M09 Unusual wide point and thick point forward design. Hard, fast bottom with finer low rails. Shallow vee tail reversing through to shallow concave. Almost rides dribble, works best in overhead, will handle much bigger under a heavier surfer. Nose and tail lift almost suggest gun profile (though flatter). A challenging design due to its speed and edgyness. Very rewarding after the familiarization period (Midget spent a year in the water getting the most out of this design).

M11 design. Flatter nose with tiny kick tip, medium tail lift, shallow ( but deeper than Farrelly norm) vee running through to deeper concave under nose. Very foiled out shape with low, soft rails. Meant for smaller waves, as small as one foot. M11 attempts to replicate Log design without the hang ups of that design. Simply put, M11 will function up to overhead or better. Logs fail after head high or even waist high. Apologies to all serious Log riders.

All of the above designs work. A less than average surfer could probably not tell the difference between any of them. An average to better than average surfer will.

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