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Down Railers

Down Railers

Down Railer (The Traveller*) refers to the fact that more of the rail edge of the board is down on the water. This is the complete opposite of what can be seen in early 1960's drag shapes (similar to current 2014 'hipster' shapes).

The whole bottom of the Down Railer shape is capable of providing lift, which becomes speed. The low rails combined with the double concaves at the tail really crank the speed up. The nose has the traditional concave to create lift as well.

When used in small waves it is necessary to step back and swing the turn. Nose rides can be had, but at speed, penetrating from behind the curl.

The shape has been quite versatile, riding Restuarants, Cloudbreak and Pasta in overhead conditions. At first the board feels a little quick with real 'down the line' speed and the trick is to slow it for the turn. Extra tail rocker has helped this.

*When limited to travelling with one board only and needing to surf two to ten feet, this board can do it!

Design is leaner and meaner with pinched, low soft rails and added tail lift.

Shaped from either Surfblanks Green (lighter) or Surfblanks Blue (stronger) foams.

Stringer is usually sawn 12mm Obeche (white wood) though Cedar or plywood can be used.

Glassed with 6 oz 'S cloth' top and bottom with a 6 oz warp cloth full length underlay on the deck.

Finish coated and polished to a high shine.

Fin is usually a 12' Cutaway but two small Futures compatible sides (Side Bites set forward) with an 8'' or 10'' Farrelly Cutaway can be used.


The 'S cloth" and the fin set ups add to the cost of these boards. They are meant to last and be passed on to future generations.

Midget shapes these boards in Brookvale. They are then freighted to Byron Bay to be glassed by the very experienced Gavin Huish.

7'6" - #MF281015B - Down Railer

Length: 7' 6'  Width: 23"  Thickness: 3 5/16"  Volume: 58.7 lts  Board Ref:#MF281015B

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