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7' Downrailer Brookvale shape room 1970'sMidget built his first surfboard at age 14 in 1958. The board was a balsa pig, made from a Roger Keiren kit which included glued, square planks of balsa, 10 oz cloth, boat resin and wood fin blank.

Midget's second board was a 1959 EPS/Epoxy made from a Greg McDonagh kit. The nightmares of EPS/Epoxy were learnt at a very young age.

By 1960 Midget had shaped his first polyurethane board. Urethane liberated and accelerated the Australian surfboard industry into full time being, centered in Brookvale, NSW, Australia.

 You can read Midget's full shaping history here

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Some of the boards illustrated may have already been sold. The images of sold boards are retained and used as a guide for boards that will be made again. There are back up stock boards not yet shown that are of the same design as those that are sold.  If you don't see the board you are after, please contact us and we'll be able to provide you with a full list of what's available at the time.

Just some of the boards in stock that are waiting to be listedPrices jump up with colour work. Long time Australian craftsmen work on every aspect of a Farrelly surfboard. The quality of glassing, sanding, gloss coating and polishing is of the highest standard available.

This explains part of the cost, however it is the artwork that makes the price gap between clear and art worked boards. Full top and bottom colour with pinline is usually the most expensive. Boards carrying this art are distinctive and stylish. Full colour will protect the foam from UV attack and avoid the yellowing that ages a clear board. There are thirty year old Farrelly surfboards out there that still look good due to full colour spray jobs.

Cheap longboards are readily available on the internet and through surfshops. They are either pop outs or very basic construction urethane/polyester mostly aimed at entry level or part time surfers. Basic construction means 6 mm ply stringer with minimum glass job (1 x 6 oz E on the botom with 2 x 6 oz E on the deck). Boards made this way are not meant to have a long life.

Even after a lifetime of surfing Midget has found that it can take up to a year to fully 'know' a board and get the most from it. Helps if the board is still in one piece at the end of that time.

Traditional Longboards - 9.5 footers (2)

Click the board below to take a look at my range of 9 1/2 footers. Boards change all the time so please visit again soon.
Traditional Longboards - 9.5 footers

High Performance Longboards (3)

Click the board below to take a look at my range of HP Boards. Boards are changing all the time so please visit again soon.
High Performance Longboards

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